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Somali youth soccer referees train at FIFA course
Youth football referees in Somalia are taking part in FIFA refereeing course which is aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of Somali youth soccer referees, as part of the Somali FA’s annual development programs for the game.

The course which is running from 2nd-6th May 2016 has brought togethersome 24 young age football referees who are benefiting from thisparticular refereeing course for the youth referees which is taking placein Somalia for the second year running.

“Here are the most talented youth referees selected from all semiautonomous states of the federal government of Somalia” Somali FAsenior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed said.

He added that initially, 30 referees were intended to take part in the course, but 4 of them were sent back to their regions after they failed in the fitness test in accordance with the regulations of the game.

FIFA has assigned Somali refereeing instructor, Ali Mohamed Ahmed, to conduct the course on behalf of the world football’s ruling organization.This is for the second time that the Somali instructor teaches at a FIFA course, a move that Somali FA president, Abdiqani Said Arab, described as a big step forward’ for Somalia’s football.

“The main objective of the course is to enhance the refereeing knowledge of our youth referees who are being prepared for the 2017-2018 edition of the Somali youth Domestic football league which will commence on 18th of May 2017” Somali FA president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said.

The president thanked FIFA for giving Somali youths the second great opportunity since Somalia began its first Domestic youth football leaguelast year which the president said has yielded very positive results.

“I am thankful to FIFA for providing teaching materials, Adidas Materials and as well as the running cost for the course” said SFF president, Abdiqani Sadi Arab.

The president added that the organization of the first Domestic youth football league in Somalia last year has produced a positive outcome for the country adding that the event also increased interest for football amongst the Somali youths and children at the age of 10 and even younger.

“In the last season 12 teams competed in the competition, but we have decided to increase the number of participating teams after we have seen a lot of progress” Somali FA president said.

Somali Football Federation Media Department
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